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French Intensive Online Course
for Beginners

French. The whole european Enlightenment movement (Siècle des Lumières) was based on french culture. 

The French language is unique in sound and identity and used to be the international language of intellect, long before before English became the norm.

In Verbum we totally love French and we are offering a new super-intensive beginners course for the summer!

  • Zero experience

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at 19:00-21:00

  • Duration: June 1st - July 9th

  • 36 hours of online lessons

  • Participants: mini adult group

  • Method: Interactive, fast and effective learning

  • Material: 1/3 of level A1

  • Cost of participation: 180 € (devided in two) or 150€ (at once)

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